PIM Institute of Education

Continuing Medical Education

PIM’s Institute of Education is a global resource for healthcare training, medical education, and continuing education. Our innovative, educational activities enable local physicians and healthcare professionals of affiliated hospitals to share medical information, advances in research and innovations with physicians and health professionals worldwide in an effort to improve effective medical care.


The Institute of Education’s CME activities include medical symposiums, lectures, workshops, video conferences, and distance learning tools. The Institute will also begin to offer Web-based programs in the near future.

Content and Speakers

All medical educational programs provided by Philadelphia International Medicine are clinical, administrative or investigative in nature. They are designed to improve the diagnosis, treatment and cure of illness, as well as to provide information on healthcare management and operations for physicians who are also responsible for disease management. PIM’s educational programs do not advocate unscientific modalities of diagnosis or therapy, and we select faculty from primarily member organizations. All speakers, whether drawn from the PIM network or not, have appropriate levels educational training and expertise.

Ensuring Quality

The Institute’s CME programs are evaluated on a regular basis through program evaluation tools and post-program surveys. Annually, a review of all educational programs is conducted to ensure that the PIM members and international healthcare partners’ continuing medical educational needs are addressed.

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Physicians can refer a patient and get assistance in medical records transfer from anywhere across the globe.